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Tested on the fells

Catbells, viewed across Derwent Water on a cloudy day

There are few things as exhilarating as pushing yourself to your limits. As T.S Eliot wrote, “if you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”

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Sunderland 5k 2019

Shoes and vest after Sunderland 5k

There’s a little section on the club website that says to try to limit yourself to one important race or PB attempt in any four week period. I couldn’t help but think of it while I flagrantly ignored it on my drive to Silksworth for the Sunderland 5k.

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Losing the plot - Chevy Chase 2019

OS Map marked with the Chevy Chase and race number

There are a few basic elements of a good narrative — you have a character, some conflict or adversity, and then a resolution. The thing that keeps us reading, watching or listening is the tension between those things.

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Pushing the redline - Tynedale 10k 2019

The quick start of the Tynedale 10k

I don’t think there’s a race start quite like the Tynedale 10k anywhere in the north. A steep downhill that eases off and sweeps you from Ovington into Ovingham. The challenge isn’t to start fast, but rather not to start too fast.

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Running with data

Phone showing data screen resting on Heaton Harriers screen

7th July 2018. 14:05:13 hours. I can still remember the elated feeling, glancing at my watch on the way out of Carey Burn and realising I was almost bang on target. After over three and a half hours of racing in the sweltering sun I was within thirteen seconds of my pre-race goal.

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